For businesses working with high net worth individuals, families and executives; we keep you in the hands and minds of relationships important to your business

We are in our fourth year using LIFE REFINED. It is a unique tool that effectively keeps us top-of-mind with valued relationships and passively generates new client opportunities. It has been a great experience and ROI.
— NFP P&C Private Client Group

Staying in front of clients, centers of influence and prospects in a way they enjoy is good for business

LIFE REFINED is a distinctive touchpoint and brand-building tool that nurtures relationships and passively cultivates business and referrals. Built for:

  • Private client financial, insurance / risk and legal services
  • Luxury real estate
  • Businesses working with high net worth executives and clients

Create an everyday presence in home or office

LIFE REFINED becomes your own private label luxury lifestyle magazine sent to your valued relationships. Exceptional upscale content and design: travel, food, wine, recreation, home, design, art, culture, style, collectibles, toys and more.

  • Cause relationships to think of you every day all year round
  • Make it easy for relationships to share your business with others
  • Lifestyle content is a great connecter and conversation starter

Rise above the clutter and differentiate

A powerful relationship and lifestyle content marketing tool for wealth-based businesses. LIFE REFINED increases mindshare, builds word of mouth and enhances brand image.

  • Highly visible; built for display on coffee table or in reception area
  • Relevant; designed for high and ultra-high net worth audiences
  • Exclusive use; nobody else can send LIFE REFINED to your relationships
  • Exclusive marketing (all four covers + bellyband or insert); no other ads, only you
  • High-touch; branded, personalized and customizable (one-to-one) marketing

Each quarter we build and customize LIFE REFINED to your business, then print and mail to your chosen recipients. Easy to use, economical and a great ROI.

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