We Help Professionals Working With High Net Worth Clients Cut Through the Noise, Cultivate Relationships, and Increase Referrals

We are in our fourth year using LIFE REFINED. It is a unique tool that effectively keeps us top of mind with valued relationships and passively generates new client opportunities. It has been a great experience and ROI.
— NFP P&C Private Client Group

Relationships fuel business

Our customers thrive on building lasting relationships. Their clients and centers of influence are both assets to protect and advocates that produce valuable opportunities. Staying top of mind and generating word of mouth are key elements to strengthening and fueling business. We make it easy, fun and effective.

LIFE REFINED is a personalized and customizable touchpoint used as a distinctive brand building, retention, and referral tool. Designed for:

  • Private client financial, insurance, and legal services
  • Luxury real estate
  • Those working with high net worth business owners, executives and professionals

Create a 24-7-365 presence in home and office

LIFE REFINED becomes your own private label lifestyle magazine mailed quarterly as a complimentary subscription to your chosen clients, centers of influence and prospects. Exceptional content and design covering the best in travel, food, wine, recreation, home, art, culture, style, collectibles, toys and more. Compliance-friendly and ad-free.

  • Stay top of mind and generate word of mouth every day all year round
  • Written and designed for high net worth audiences

Make it easy and fun for people to think of you often and share your business with others

Designed for those seeking to attract, engage, and cultivate high net worth clients.

  • Exclusive use: you own the households and relationships you send LIFE REFINED
  • Exclusive marketing: you own all the marketing space
  • Bespoke marketing: branded, personalized, and customizable to one-to-one level
  • Privacy: your data is private and secure

You'll understand why our customers love LIFE REFINED once you see it. Easy to use and a great ROI. Request sample and media kit with Request Sample / Contact Us.