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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LIFE REFINED do for my business?

We make it easy to engage and strengthen desired and existing relationships while subtly encouraging and enabling them to share your business with others.

Is this magazine advertising?

No. The fact is, conventional advertising doesn’t work well in the high net worth space. And as companies experience the realities, dangers, and expense of social and digital media our business benefits. In technical terms, LIFE REFINED is a combination of one-to-one relationship management and lifestyle content marketing.

Who are your customers?

We serve professionals working with millionaires to billionaires. Much of our work is within financial, insurance, risk management, legal, and real estate services.

Who do your customers send LIFE REFINED to?

Their clients, centers of influence, referral sources, and primary prospects.

How do your customers use LIFE REFINED?

As a branding, retention, and referral tool. We are happy to provide guidance, best practices, and examples to help you get the most out of it.

What do people receive when I send them LIFE REFINED?

Quarterly, your "recipients" receive your version of LIFE REFINED, a distinctive private label luxury lifestyle magazine (print)—exceptional content and beautiful design.

What does “exclusive use” mean?

Once a recipient is on your mailing list nobody else can claim them. For residential, you own the entire household associated with the address.

What type of articles?

Travel; Food & Drink; Home & Design; Style & Beauty; Arts & Culture; Recreation & Hobbies, Collectibles & Toys—compliance-friendly and ad-free.

What is LIFE REFINED's editorial style and voice?

Most wealthy individuals are self-made and understated. Yes, they enjoy the finer things in life but they typically are not ostentatious. This informs our sensibilities.

What marketing space do I receive? 

All of it. The "customizable elements" include:

  • Front Outside Cover: branded
  • Front Inside Cover: full page (most often a welcome letter with contact block)
  • Back Inside Cover: full page ad
  • Back Outside Cover: ¾ page ad
  • Bellyband (optional): designed six-inch band wrapped around magazine
  • Outsert (optional): designed 2, 4, or 8 pg. stand alone in the package w/ LR).

Can I include my own content?

Yes, with the Outsert (above) you can include articles, newsletters, notices, etc.

Can each office, representative, or agent have their own version of the magazine? 

Yes, each can have their own marketing material and mailing list.

How much does LIFE REFINED magazine cost? 

About the same as having coffee with a client. Varies by volume; happy to discuss.

How much work is involved? 

  • Not much; we develop all the content, handle all production and mailing, and can even design all your marketing. 

Is my data private and secure?

  • Yes. We are contractually prohibited from using your data for anything other than producing and mailing LIFE REFINED. Data is securely stored.

Can you mail me a sample and more information?

Who do I contact to further discuss LIFE REFINED?

  • Please use:



“We are in our fourth year using LIFE REFINED. It is a unique tool that effectively keeps us top-of-mind with valued relationships and passively generates new client opportunities. It has been a great experience and ROI.”

- SVP, National private client insurance group


"We have found LIFE REFINED to be a very efficient and economical way to stay in front of our clients and preferred centers of influence. We have had a very positive response from all recipients. The publication is unique, content and presentation is exceptional. We are confident in its ability to help deepen our relationships."

- President & CEO, Chicago area private client wealth planning and management firm


“LIFE REFINED provides a unique opportunity to connect with our clients and valued centers of influence in a distinctive way, always keeping our firm top-of-mind. The publication is well thought out and articles are diverse and interesting. Our clients find it very engaging”

- CEO, Boston area RIA with over $1 billion in assets under management


“LIFE REFINED has been an outstanding asset to my real estate business in the competitive Chicago luxury real estate market. Any business looking to strengthen their brand with high-end clients should create a partnership with LIFE REFINED. A high-quality print publication and marketing tool that standouts and differentiates in the digital age.”

- Luxury Real Estate Agent, Chicago


"LIFE REFINED is a great value add for our clients, centers of influence, and prospects; and, an appropriate and worthwhile marketing investment for our firm. It is a unique and subtle way to stay top of mind with all of our firm’s most important relationships. The magazine keeps BWC highly visible in a client's home or in a COI’s office."

Partner & CEO,  New England area private wealth management and consulting firm


Life Refined is an exceptional quality magazine with interesting and engaging content. Our agents love sending this to their clients as an exclusive offering giving them an edge over the competition. Kudos to your group for creating such a wonderful product!

- Owner, Top independent boutique real estate brokerage


Note: Quotes are anonymous for the privacy of our customers, references available upon request.

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